End of this blog

What is not meant to be is not meant to be

And I am more than sorry to say goodbye. I have to end up with writing posts,preparing and editing photos but I felt like the end is nearby some months ago.
I am sitting in Germany writing this from an old computer and the house has no WiFi. At least it wont distract me from further studying this whole year, huh?

I loved the time I spent on A bit Confusing and I will hopefully come back and have a better camera and a happy new start

Until then I will just say

xx Barbora


  1. No don't go! But I do understand, after taking a break I am now blogging again. Good luck with your studies! - Becky x


  2. Aw, I will miss your posts :( I hope you come back <3


  3. I will definitely miss your posts, dear. :(