Tumblr inspired outfit


It has been insanely long and my blog was on my mind daily and I have never posted anything even tough I even took outfit photos! What was happening?? What did I do?

We were preparing for out dance show "This is us" and it was really big and I wanted to keep up the good work at school so I just had to set my priorities! I am sorry but now you will take a brief look

I will make a seperated post about that okay? :)

Tumblr fashion anyone?

T-shirt - Nike
Skirt - Second hand
Furry jacket - Abaday

These skirts are super in right now as you may have seen on tumblr or other social media

skirt checked skirt blue skirt green skirt mini skirt jumper boots bag pleated skirt pleated sweater shoes ring purse sweatshirt grunge little black boots black shoes black plaid skirt plaid girl fashion black bag
Wanna buy something similiar? Do you like the style? :)

xx Barbora

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