Spring 2015 /video

Viburnum burkwoodii is one of the choicer kinds of Viburnum. The flowers are fragrant and appear in ‘balls’ of white early in the year. The Gardeners Diary © 1974
Spring has sprung, indeed.
Welcome to another post where I am lucky enough to share a video with you after a long long time

The video is a very spring-feeling video and with the help of miss Lana Del Rey and videos matching the music I hope I created something you will enjoy

I would really appercipate hearing what you think since I put some effort into my videos but first let me show you just some spring posts :3


be still::week 38 by -kelly ishmael- #flickstackr

Flickr: http://flic.kr/p/rjYWd5



untitled by in the morning on Flickr.


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paleception:hvllucinvtion:we would make a great pear

i love you berry much

Spring Crocus III.See the rest of the collection here.

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choc, chocolate, easter, eggs, mini, mini eggs

cake, chocolate, cookies, delicious, easter, family, friends

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flowers animated GIF

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Sorry I don't want to bother you too much but Spring is my season

xx Barbora


  1. Love the video. The cookies and the family out the window are my favorite scenes.

  2. Neat video! I actually just started my own youtube channel too....

    I love your blast of Spring things!

  3. Oh very cute video
    I commented.