Reasons why not to smoke


Have you ever tried smoking before?
A lot of us have but is it really woth it? I guess it is okay to try it to know how it feels. Well, people don't feel anything special but the smoke looks really nice. That is the only positive thing I see

It isn't a new thing when I say that it is unhealthy to smoke and it kills etc. but there are many more reasons why this habit is a bad one, let's see:

1.) your clothes and hair and eventually everything stinks
- the worst is you are not the one who realizes this but the people who don't smoke can feel it the most

2.) it's bad for the environment
- just imagine all the cigarettes lying on the ground
- trees are chopped down ( in Africa around 5% of all deforestation is caused by tobbaco )

3.) a passive smoker dies quicker
- means your friend who just stand by you when you smoke has a high percentage of dying than you

4.) it can affect your child's health
- again runing someone else's life beacuse of your bad choice

5.) you become weaker
- well actually you experience muscle weakness, which means you are unable to run as fast as you used to, after some time every jog becomes a 15km race

6.) it costs a lot of money that could be spent way better

As you can probably tell I am not one of the people who like to say "give up before you clog up" 
I think the way media presents smoking in a way that there is nothing wrong with it, like there were no trees chopped down like we all like the cigarettes lying on the ground and even the famous people are supporting this phenomenon


We all are free to decide on what we want to do in your lives but I just had to point out how media is exaggerating certain things and not paying attention to what really doesn't make money and isn't so convinient for those who rule

xx Barbora


  1. I think smoking is pretty gross. The smell of cigarette smoke is what really gets to me.

    1. Indeed! The more you start to think about it the more it makes sense that smoking makes NO sense at all

      xx Barbora

  2. Social media really does glorify smoking, especially on tumblr.