Ebay floral watch review

Hii guyss♥
I got this cute watch just yesterday. I ordered it from eaby for like 2$ so they were super inexpensive
You can see these watches on We heart It if you search for some floral types
The overall quality is very fine the only problem is
you can really heart them ticking but yaa tick tock it's a clock

You can get them here - this is the seller whom I bought my watch from

They are selling many other designs
gxhsb3-l-610x610-jewels-floral+watches-watches-girly-preppy-watch.jpg (610×610) Floral Watch💕Untitled | via Tumblr
Do you like them? Do you have any similiar at home?

xx Barbora


  1. Oh my gosh! I love those watches! Now, I need to buy one, thanks for sharing!
    I started a blog party for bloggers to find/meet new blogs/bloggers. Would you check it out by chance? And maybe link up? Thank you!
    - June

    1. Hii June!! Yaa of course no problem!! I will visit it :))

      Xx Barbora