DIY Jewel-box (Valentine's day DIY)

Hii guys!! 
Today I decided to share this wonderful and easy DIY with you!!
With Valentine's day coming up I decided to create something you could create for you or even somebody else

Let's begin

The most important thing is an eyecatching box mine has two floors

the top is succesfully covered

I decided to glue a ribbon to the sides of the jewel-box

I used fake polaroids (tutorial here) on the top

Now it's time to fill it with jewellery or anything you want

Like it? Write me a comment and tell me what you think please ♥

xx Barbora


  1. omg i love it! so cute! great blog! very interesting...hope to see more!

    if you're interested, check mine out! i'd love to see what you think!
    So, hi

    1. I will definitely check your blog!!
      Thank you tons♥

      xx Barbora