Blogging crisis

Hey guys! Absolutely loong time no see! I know that in the last few months it takes me so long to finally make a post and it is different than when I used to post twice or even more times a week.

It is not about the lack of ideas in my head but it is definitely about the lack of time. A loot of shoolwork and I felt too much pressure on my shoulders from each side. Blog had to go aside and even though I had some very interesting things to say they never made it to the blog because I had to focus on other and more important stuff :(

guess it is true I'm definitely not a blogger but rather a dancer or a girl who doesn't understand physics and maths and so she has to sit on her butt and study until she feels like crying...I didn't even have time for crying so I was saving that for later ;)

But feeling like an empty shell like and empty house isn't the best feeling ever

At least nature, holidays and happy home + Christmas are the things that can heal a shattered soul :D haha what a metaphor

I guess there's no wonder places like this can help you forget about all the overwhelming stuff that is happening around us on daily bases! Trip to mountains is one thing I highly recommend :)

Take care guys♥ We will see how this whole cofused blogging continues ;**

xx Barbora

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