Fall,meadows and friends

It has been so long since I last posted...(school is a total blog killer)

If this post scores 0 comments and 5 views - all from me I won't be even surprised...


After being soo busy during the week with school stuff my friends and I decided to make a small autumn trip to the wilderness

We were just sitting on the blanket in the middle of nowhere and talking about everything and nothing

Of course we couldn't resist taking crazy,,,but I mean way too crazy photos

This is what we call the Voldemort style

no eyebrows

 trying to look good....actually never works

I HOPE this post made you at least smile :)) because shcool gets pretty serious and I believe you know what I'm talking about

Good luck to you all ♥♥

xx Barbora


  1. I'll make it 6 views and 1 comment :) Haha ! Don't worry because even this is an amazing post ! I love these pictures - the faces :D Your posts always make my day better ! Sounds like you had a great day too ! Don't worry about posting :) Eb x

    1. Haaah the day was great :)))
      Eb you always make my days better!! <3 If this blog was about to close I would keep on oosting because of you!! xD
      Thanks for comment :D

      Xx Barbora

  2. Hi Barbora!!
    You and your friends are soooo gorgeous xD
    The meadow looks sooooooo lovely!
    Have such a great day :D
    Alex xxx

    1. Haah goregous you say? xD thank you they will be so happy to hear that .D
      Have a great day too!! ^^

      Xx Barbora

  3. Replies
    1. Awww fall has defnitely hit it here

      Xx Barbora >.<