Birthday Wishlist

I was born on 17th August and I will be 16 years old soon!
Time flies like crazy - this whole year was amazing for me I had THE BEST days ... like really!!

let's stop being emotional ..... here is my wishlist
Birthday Wishlist

° 1. Koss porta pro headphones  °
° 2. HM white cotton blouse  °
° 3. Dropdead blouse °
° 4. HM black super skinny jeans °
° 5. Runwaydreamz shorts °
- let's be real here $150 is not something I could buy
° 6. HM gift card °
° 7. any mp4 player °
° 8. Jeffrey Campbell black sneakers

Oh and I am also adding one item to my wishlist
this one - these are 27cm (11inch) Jeffrey Campbell shoes !! Imagine how tall I would be 177cm! That is a dream
 photo lawdy_s_zps5fb34c9d.jpg

I know these shoes are expensive because they

cost $170.00 but if someone could offer me a gift card for those?

I found a website  Raise.com This cool new site lets users purchase gift cards for less than their value! they have Jeffrey Campbell giftcards aswell as VS gift cards and the HM one I mentioned on top♥
How amazing is that? 

pink products mean I might get them 
the rest means I wish I had a magic fairy that would 


xx  Barbora


  1. Awww I hope you get what you would like ! I love HM it's amazing ! You'll have to post about your day if you are doing anything special ! Hope it's a good one like the rest of the year has been !
    Eb x

    1. Thaanks a lot!!
      Yaas I will be doing some fun stuff so i will tra ti post about it for sure <3

      Xx Barbora