Ain't it fun?

HEY loves!
Summer is here but Europe is truly NOT filled with many sunny days

this day was one of the sunniest days and I was lucky enough to be outside to take photos

looking like a creep here :DDD
/want some drugs kido?/

 top - Schieser , shorts - chinese store, shoes - Nike air max , scarf - Takko , hat - HM

Ain't it fun?

xx Barbora


  1. These are such cool pictures ! I love the scarf and the top ! So pretty :) And you are so tanned ! Wow your part of Europe certainly gets a lot more sun than mine haha !
    Eb x

  2. Hahhaha maybe we really have different weather :D haha Our Europe <3 :} :D
    No but it was like the only sunny day in August the weather here is cray and always changing

    Xx Barbora