Old beautiful memories - summer poetic story

AHHHH Let´s cry together!
I miss summer guys!!

Here are some photos from summer :)
and I´m adding a little (a bit funny and over dramatic poetic) description

It was the time when I was eating strawberries in the garden

and reading book in grass

and wearing ankle socks

and eating outside

I could wear shorts

and explore

and see

the beauty of summer

but then everything changed

autumn has come

 but with autumn a new hope came

and I found frienship....


xx Barbora


  1. I miss summer :') ... I miss the sun, the sea, the holidays :) ... But I love winter, when it's really cold and it snows ^.^ !
    I really love those photos, they're beautiful ! I love the last one with the kite *_* !

  2. Haha aww well for me Summer starts next month!! And Summer for Australia is really hot and dates with friends at the beach but it would be really cool to explore where you went it looks so peaceful

  3. I love the poetry!!! Gorgeous photos - sorry but I'm about to arrive in Summer so I'll have to wait for this goodness!!

  4. Oh I love Summer as well!
    It is definitely one of the besets seasons!
    No, it is the best!
    The poem is so lovely, and sad, at the same time.
    But HOORAY!
    We have Summer next month down here, but Boo hoo, for u guys it'll be Winter!
    But then in just 4 more months, it'll be Spring for you!
    So dont worry!
    It'll come sooner than you expect!
    Have a lovely day :-D
    Alex XOXO