Parcel from Lili 2.

Hii guys!!
So yesterday I got aarcel from the most wonderful Lili from TamandLili

She sent me some birzhday gifts and other stuff.
My birthday will be 17th of August :)

Here is all the stuff I got :))

Baloon and some festive glitter :))

Some cute blythe stuff

The cutest pen ever from Sweden

Nails polish and the little vintage box

This magic plastic wich is the doll Lili sent me earlier from.

Blythe doll I can color. :) But I probably won´t because I don´t wanna ruin it :D

Little Eiffel tower notebook ^^

Letter with hand painted flowers

And ofc Frnech yummies!!

                                                                THANK YOU LILI so much♥♥


                                                                            xx Barbora


  1. OMG! Lili is SO SO SO SUPER lucky! She got to send you a gift! I really want to, but I don't have your postal address or anything! >x< NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I would absolutely L-O-V-E, LOVE sending you a gift! After all, you definitely deserve one! :) Hope you have an AWESOME B'DAY!! And tell Lili that I say hi! I LOVE HER!! AND YOU!! AND EVERYONE!!!!!

    <3 from Jade!!
    PS= My b'day was on the 1st of August! :D Hope you have a SUPER SPECIAL b'day for a SUPER SPECIAL girl/blogger like you!!!!!!!!

    1. Ohh Wow thank u so much Jade I think once u will make a blig we will become better friends for sure :)) Just cant wait to see it all! I will tell Lili u said Ji hehe :)) Oh 1sr of August? So u t an august girl too :)) gr8 !!

      Thanks for all!!

      Xx Barbora

    2. Oh Thankyou! It would be SO SO SO SUPER if we became better friends!

      <3 from Jade!

  2. Aww! That is soooo super sweet!!!!!
    Its soooo nice u have such an amazing friend like Lili!
    OMG!!! Haha, 17th of August is my Grandma's bday!!!
    Happy bday for then!!
    Lots of love,
    Alex XOXO

    1. Woow really!!!? Then we both will velebrate together at the same day!!! I mean u and me if u celebrate with your Grandma ^^
      Love yuu!!

      Xx Barbora

  3. ooooh! Lili sent you such lovely things ! It's your birthday soon ???! I wish I could send you something! You are so sweet :)

    Happy Early Birthday ;)


    1. Hii Zalia!! Thank u for everything! Yes lilinalways sents so many amazing things to me! Oh and you dont need to send me anything I am fine!! It mens soo so much to me when you just wish me happy birthday!! Thank you soo so much!!

      Love uu!!

      Xx Barbora

  4. Aww! All the stuff you got - they're REALLY cute! And your blythe is so sweet *o* she looks amazing in the dress <3
    You have your Birthday soon so happy early Birthday Barbora! x

  5. Hi Barbora,
    The stuff Lili sent you is so sweet! Really cute. It's so lovely to have such good friends who look out for you that way! :]
    Have a great day and birthday (soon anyway),
    xo. Flora // thelastpostblog.blogspot.com

  6. HEy!!

    Your presents are soooo cute, you are one lucky ducky!!! :)
    Enjoy your presents and your birthday, you deserve it! :D

    Ruby xxx

  7. Hi Barbora ^^ !
    Thank you soooo much, I'm really glad you like what I sent you ^^ !
    Today is the right day, so I tell you again : "Happy birthdaaaayyyy ♥" !
    I love yoouuu ♥
    your Lili