Lovely photos pt. 1

Today afternoon we went to our cottage house -:)) and I took many photos!
I won´t show you all of them today♥ :D :D
To make it more interesting ;)

                                                       I love flowers

                                             Hugo - neigbour´s dog :))

                                   I think the tree looks super nostalgic

                                     Wellbarrow! :D Let´s get to work :D

                                   This one reminds me Twilight :) :D

This is a small part of my neigbour´s garden. I know I shouldn´t take pictures.. :D

                            I just wanted to add it in a bigger version now :D

                                           Can you see the raspberry? :)

Thank you so much♥♥ for checking of course ;D

                                                       xx Barbora♥♥


  1. I love your pictures ! especially the first one ! did you eat the raspberry ;)?
    Have a nice day ☺
    xoxo, lili ♥

    1. Thank you so much Lili!! Now I didn´t eat it HAHAH :D It was in our neigbours garden :)) But that was a good question :D

      xx Barbora♥