End of this blog

What is not meant to be is not meant to be

And I am more than sorry to say goodbye. I have to end up with writing posts,preparing and editing photos but I felt like the end is nearby some months ago.
I am sitting in Germany writing this from an old computer and the house has no WiFi. At least it wont distract me from further studying this whole year, huh?

I loved the time I spent on A bit Confusing and I will hopefully come back and have a better camera and a happy new start

Until then I will just say

xx Barbora


DIY summer clothes


Hi Kitties!
Are you looking for new interesting clothes? Today I will show you some ways how you can spice up your old clothes

Studded Shorts

For shorts you need studs I bought mine on Ebay and a blunt knife so you can push them down


You just push them with the sharper side of the knife. You can buy them here


Japanese t-shirt


Don’t you love all the cute japanese things? Their culture is just adorable. Ariana Grande made a similiar t-shirt  (◡‿◡✿)


You will need a t-shirt (obviously :D) and a marker that works on clothes, Fabric glue, diamonds and fabric for details are optional
My t-shirt says Beutiful, find more japanese words here
Apply diamond or any embellishments even studs with fabric glue


And you are as cute as Ari♥


MY IG: Bar.bora
Will you try these out?


Sometimes silence can be violent

This year has been a very dramatic year because of lot of school work and a lot of stuff happening everywhere in my life, I went from feeling super unsocial to feeling like I really was craving a presence of someone that has never even appeard in my life...crazy

I guess all of us have these days when all we want to do is runaway somewhere far from what we know so we can escape the weird stereotype feeling

I took these photos on a terrace when we were in Czech Republic for holidays, we explored some really beautiful mountains and places so I will make sure to show you that in a new post

This boy on the left is Lucky Blue Smith - a model from the US, I am literally choking looking at him
Here is a video from some of his runway walks, he is only 17

xx Barbora


Japanese kitty outfit

Hi guys!!
I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Prague after a long long day. The city is nice but the weather is so oppresive and it makes the whole exploring a lot harder
Here are I am showing you photos that we took the last day of school exactly one week ago with my friends
Let's laugh until we cry
Skirt: H & M
Tights: Choies
Sandals: Humanic
Seeing UFO and being like???!?
 They said I look like from a japanese movie...might be :D ^^
Aww I'll just keep on dreaming :) Japan is definitely a goals travel destination

What is your travel dream destination?

xx Barbora


Pianist (outfit), leaving school

Bonjour friends!!
Only one more day left at school this year, Tomorrow is the day when we all will say goodbye for a longer time. Some will say goodbye for 1 year some will see each other after 2 long months

I can honestly say that I am going to be one of the students that will not see their classmates for a whole year

I am leaving to study in Germany for one year and I am super excited yet afraid of the new

In two years time I will be standing here looking back at me being scared of the new things with many new experiences and even more people in my life that left something

But for now everything is only a little fiction in my head

xx Barbora


Greek style

Summer holidays ahead!! Some still school days to go... exactly 6 if I don't count the weekend
Isn't summer amazing? The skies are changing colors like crazy around 8pm and the best fruit is harvested in summer♥

Summer nights are so warm plus there is a lot of time for adventures

Today I wanted to share my greek inspired outfit to share these interesting shorts that look like skirt
so comfy and original bc from second hand :D

Like or dislike?

xx Barbora